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NISO Training Series: Project Management for the Information Community: Managing and Communicating the Process, March 8, 2019, Session Three: The Setup

This session delves deeper into creating a project plan. For illustration, we will review how to set up a simple predictive (‘waterfall’ style) project plan. What functional skills are needed to do the work? How do you build your team? What types of time commitments will you be requesting and for what tasks? How do you define the roles and responsibilities? How do you negotiate for resources with stakeholders, handle meetings and communications? Your preparedness in thinking through such issues and communicating with decision makers and team members will be critical to success.
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NISO Training Series

NISO runs two, eight-week online training series each year, typically designed to provide early to mid-career information professionals with guidance on specific aspects of their roles, which they can then put into practice in their day-to-day work. Each session is recorded, shared immediately with participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Maureen Adamson

Principal, Adamson & Associates

Maureen Adamson is an information industry consultant offering business planning grounded in market research and market insights, optimizing knowledge of appropriate enabling technologies to deliver on business and organizational goals. Projects often include qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis of market needs, trends, and value propositions. Assignments can also include product / service development. Her approach to business planning and project management focuses on the importance of understanding goals and context, clear objectives and communications. This includes bringing marketing and technical knowledge into the planning process to ensure strategic goals are pre-eminent in development.