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NISO Virtual Conference, Ebooks and Collections

In a period of constrained budgets, how will institutional libraries build and sustain access to the latest book titles for their communities — whether in digital or print forms? Libraries exist to serve the needs of their researchers, not the other way around. If humanists prefer print for their activities, then both content providers and librarians must ensure that this research need is met. The conversation has already begun of how best to manage the new collective collection. How should the community adapt? This virtual conference kickstarted the conversation, providing an opportunity for a wide group of stakeholders to highlight their community’s needs and share their views on how to meet them. Confirmed speakers include Tom Bruno, Director of Access Services, University of Pennsylvania; Robert Cartolano, Assoc. VP, Technology and Preservation, Columbia University Libraries; Binaebi Akah Collins, Manager, User Experience Design, OCLC; Christina Drummond, Data Trust Program Officer, OAeBU Data Trust; Steve Fallon, Vice President, Americas and Strategic Partnerships, De Gruyter; Jennie Rose Halperin, Executive Director, Library Futures; and Jay Holloway, Senior Product Manager, End User Services, OCLC.
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NISO Virtual Conferences

These half-day events cover a range of important and timely topics in more depth than our monthly webinars. With expert speakers from across the information community, they include a mix of formats — keynotes, case studies, perspectives, and vision interviews. Recordings are shared immediately with registered participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Binaebi Akah Collins

Manager, User Experience Design, OCLC

Binaebi Akah Calkins is Manager of User Experience Design at OCLC. Relying on tight collaboration with user experience research, the experience design team creates valuable and efficient experiences informed by user goals, tasks, and workarounds. The team strives for clear, intuitive experiences that empower library staff and users to accomplish their tasks with confidence.
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Christina Drummond

Data Trust Program Officer, OA eBook Usage Data Trust

Christina currently serves as the Data Trust Program Officer for the OA eBook Usage Data Trust project having previously served as Educopia’s Director of Strategic Initiatives (2015-2017). Affiliated with Educopia since 2012, Christina has worked to develop capacity-building resources for Educopia’s affiliated communities while managing efforts relating to digital preservation [Identifying Continuing Opportunities for National Collaboration (ICONC), Chrysalis – Opportunities for New Types of Research Alliances], cultural heritage workforce and leadership development [NEXUS: Leading Across Boundaries, Mapping the Landscapes, Coalition to Advance Learning National Agenda Development], and data analytics [Developing a Pilot Data Trust for Open Access eBook Usage].
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Jay Holloway

Senior Product Manager, End User Services, OCLC

Jay Holloway is Sr. Product Manager, Delivery Services, at OCLC. He focuses on the end-to-end user experience – from discovery through delivery. His team collaborates with a global community of librarians and their users to build intuitive, seamless, on-demand products and services. The team aims to bring the next generation of library services to users through intuitive, personalized discovery and the fastest delivery of the world's library collection - anywhere, anytime!
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Jennie Rose Halperin

Executive Director, Library Futures

Jennie Rose Halperin currently serves as Executive Director of Library Futures, a nonprofit organization that champions equitable access to knowledge. Trained as a librarian, she has worked in content, web development, and marketing of all types, with a special focus in email and content for growth.
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Robert Cartolano

Assoc. VP, Technology and Preservation, Columbia University Libraries;

Robert Cartolano has held the roles of Manager of Academic Technologies and Senior Director of Client Technology Services for Columbia University Information Technology, where he supervised the development and deployment of the campus-wide learning management system, printing system, electronic classrooms, public computing facilities and email applications. Since joining the Libraries in 2007, Cartolano has supervised the development and implementation of digital preservation storage, the opening of multiple digital centers, Blacklight-based unified discovery, ReCAP shared collection services, digital library collections, copyright advisory services, and digital project management. Rob is currently coordinating efforts to Imagine a Better Academic Ebook Experience, leveraging open standards, interoperability and community-based open source.
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Steve Fallon

Vice President, Americas and Strategic Partnerships, De Gruyter

Steve Fallon is Vice President, Americas and Strategic Partnerships at De Gruyter. Steve helped to establish De Gruyter’s partner program with the signing of our first press, Harvard, in 2012. Currently, he manages De Gruyter's Americas office and the global partner program of 28 publishers.
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Tom Bruno

Director of Access Services, University of Pennsylvania

Tom Bruno manages circulation, resource sharing, and stacks for the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. Tom also coordinates Access Services policies and procedures across the Penn Libraries' system and with our affiliate libraries (Annenberg, Law, Morris Arboretum, Demography Library, Archives, and Athenaeum of Philadelphia). He is currently taking the lead on our resumption of services for the fall semester, including our new and enhanced services: FacultyExpress, Books by Mail, PickUp@Penn and Scan and Deliver. In addition, Tom coordinates the transfer of collections to off-site storage and our BorrowDirect and E-ZBorrow respective partnerships with Ivy Plus and PALCI.