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NISO Training Series: Project Management for the Information Community: Managing and Communicating the Process, March 29, 2019, Session Six

By now, participants will understand elements and likely many questions regarding how to apply this to your particular circumstances and projects. Participants are likely to have many questions that go beyond the basics, whether how to manage multiple projects, or the unique complexities of large organizations. We will be asking participants to send us these questions, to be addressed during this session, with the goal of tailoring this session with an expert to those questions.
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NISO Training Series

NISO runs two, eight-week online training series each year, typically designed to provide early to mid-career information professionals with guidance on specific aspects of their roles, which they can then put into practice in their day-to-day work. Each session is recorded, shared immediately with participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Al Brown

Senior Project Manager, ITHAKA

Al S. Brown, PMP CSM is a Senior Project Manager with ITHAKA. He has over 25 years of experience managing a wide variety of projects in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He specializes in managing complex, multi-team, technical projects, building bridges and enabling clear communication between team members and senior executives. He has taught project management in corporate settings, public classes, and as an online instructor for UC Berkeley Online Extension, and is certified as a ScrumMaster as well as a traditional project manager. His current role blends agile practices with project-centered scheduling and budgeting, enabling empowered teams to predict costs and end dates in the face of uncertain, evolving project requirements.
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Bill Trippe

Founding Partner, Publishing Technology Partners

Bill Trippe is a Boston-based publishing consultant and author. In addition to his consulting work, Bill was formerly Director of Technology at the MIT Press, a leading academic publisher of books and journals. In this role, Bill oversaw software development, digital products, database management and analytics, and server and systems management. Prior to joining MIT Press, Bill was Vice President and Lead Analyst for the Gilbane Group, a division of Outsell, Inc., Director of Publishing Systems at ZDNet, Manager of Content Development at Houghton Mifflin, and Manager of Editorial Systems Support at Xyvision. Bill’s areas of focus span the wide range of publishing technologies, including workflow, print and web production, content and asset management, web content management, eCommerce, and digital rights management. As both a technology leader inside of publishers and as a consultant, Bill has led the development of XML-based workflow solutions, content management and digital asset management implementations, and customer-facing applications such as subscription-based products and eCommerce-driven sites for books journals, and custom publishing. Bill is a recognized expert in XML for both print and digital production and has helped clients digitize and publishing collections of books, journals, and other high-value content. Bill has written broadly on publishing technology. He coauthored books two books, one on Digital Rights Management and another on SVG, and has written extensively for trade publications and newsletters. Bill is a past board member of the Book Industry Study Group and a frequent presenter at industry events. Bill is a long-time adjunct professor at several Boston-area colleges, primarily teaching writing but also specialized courses in book and magazine publishing, XML, and other aspects of digital publishing.
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Maureen Adamson

Principal, Adamson & Associates

Maureen Adamson is an information industry consultant offering business planning grounded in market research and market insights, optimizing knowledge of appropriate enabling technologies to deliver on business and organizational goals. Projects often include qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis of market needs, trends, and value propositions. Assignments can also include product / service development. Her approach to business planning and project management focuses on the importance of understanding goals and context, clear objectives and communications. This includes bringing marketing and technical knowledge into the planning process to ensure strategic goals are pre-eminent in development.