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NISO Webinar, Building Trust - Credibility of Content

The information community is well aware of the need to establish that content is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. However communicating this is increasingly challenging in a world where  technology can make fake information “plausible” or when the need for rapid dissemination precludes the usual safeguards of peer review. How can we communicate these important limits and nuances to those who search for and use the information we provide? How can we best handle provenance tracking? Who is responsible for, and who should be held accountable for verification processes? Do we need better guidelines and, if so, who should be at the table negotiating those? In this roundtable discussion, experts across the information community shared their concerns and success stories.  Confirmed speakers for this educational event include Michele Avissar-Whiting, Editor in Chief, Research Square; Sian Harris, Communications Specialist, INASP; Dr. Darla Henderson, Independent Consultant; Bahar Mehmani, Reviewer Experience Lead, Elsevier; and Eleonora Presani, Executive Director, arXiv.
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NISO Webinar

Helping people gain a greater understanding of the information community — our issues and concerns, challenges and opportunities — is core to NISO's mission. Our events are a key element of this, with our popular webinar program at their heart. And, following the NISO/NFAIS merger earlier this year, all NISO members can now attend all 14 webinars in 2020 completely free of charge! This includes an unlimited number of places and full access to a recording of each webinar for anyone who is unable to attend the event itself.
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Bahar Mehmani

Reviewer Experience Lead, Global STM Journals, Elsevier

Dr. Bahar Mehmani is Reviewer Experience Lead in the Global STM journals at Elsevier. She works on several peer review initiatives and projects, all of which are designed to recognize the importance of peer review quality, trust, and reviewers' contribution to the progress of science. Bahar is a member of STM peer review taxonomy working group and the vice-chair of the peer review committee and council member of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE). She received her PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in 2010. Before joining Elsevier, she was a postdoc researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL).
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Darla Henderson

Independant Consultant

Dr. Darla Henderson is an independent consultant for non-profit societies and STM publishers. She has more than 20-years of experience in STM publishing, including at the American Chemical Society where she was most recently the head of open access programs. During her tenure with ACS, Darla led the launch of ACS’ new open access programs and journals, envisioned and launched a preprint server, developed global partnerships with fellow societies, government agencies, and commercial entities, and led a multidisciplinary and general portfolio of journal products. Prior to joining ACS, Darla obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry from Duke University, and then gained publishing experience with John Wiley & Sons managing the chemistry books program. In her free time, Darla volunteers for local boards and organizations in western NC centered around information services, education, food security and recreation. Follow her on twitter @DarlaPHenderson or connect by email at
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Eleonora Presani

Executive Director - arXiv

Product Leader with a passion for knowledge. I'm bringing the experience of product development to arXiv with the mission of supporting open science, reproducibility and collaboration.I am specially passionate about delivering the right information at the right time, leveraging the latest technologies for supporting search and machine learning while valuing and informing the work of humans.
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Michele Avissar-Whiting

Operations Director - Research Square

Michele is the Editor in Chief at Research Square, a preprint platform that launched at the end of 2018. Michele has been with Research Square for eight years, beginning as a Quality Control Editor on the AJE side of the business and then moving on to manage the Figure Formatting and Multimedia services. She has a PhD in Medical Science from Brown University.
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Sian Harris

Communications Specialist, INASP

Dr Siân Harris is Communications Specialist at INASP (, an NGO focused on supporting more equitable research and knowledge systems to support development. She is responsible for communicating within INASP’s work and to external stakeholders. In addition, she is involved in research work, particularly in the area of access to information. She represents INASP on the Think. Check. Submit. committee, which is helping researchers identify trustworthy journals and publishers. Prior to joining INASP, Siân was a science and technology journalist for 16 years, including 11 years as the Editor of Research Information magazine. She has a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Bristol, UK and has experience of working for research libraries, scholarly publishers and the civil engineering, environmental monitoring and chemical industries. She tweets as @sianharris8