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Extensive Vocabulary and Technical Jargon - A Brief Synopsis with Phill Jones

This quick video covers some of the basic terminology used in working with Scholarly APIs, as discussed by course moderator Phill Jones, co-founder for digital and technology at the MoreBrains Cooperative, during the initial segment of our 2022 Spring Training Series.
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NISO Training Series

NISO runs two, eight-week online training series each year, typically designed to provide early to mid-career information professionals with guidance on specific aspects of their roles, which they can then put into practice in their day-to-day work. Each session is recorded, shared immediately with participants, and made openly available after two years.
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Phill Jones

Co-Founder and Lead, Digital and Technology, More Brains Coop

Dr Phill Jones is a technologist, entrepreneur, product leader, strategic analyst and consultant. His current role is co-founder for digital and technology at the MoreBrains Cooperative, a consultancy working at the forefront of scholarly infrastructure, information management, and research dissemination. He is a Scholarly Kitchen Chef, a member of the Learned Publishing Editorial Board, a member of the Researcher to Reader advisory board, and a Judge of the Karger Vesalius Innovation Awards.

Previously, Phill was the CTO at Emerald Publishing. Before that, he spent 6 years at Digital Science in a variety of roles including VP of Business Development at ReadCube, Director of Publishing Innovation and also as a Bibliometric Consultant. He was also an early employee and the first editorial director at JoVE.

In a former life, Phill was a successful cross-disciplinary research career at Imperial College, London, where he earned a PhD in Physics and Harvard Medical Schools where he was a research faculty member working in Stroke, Alzheimer Disease and molecular optical imaging.