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NISO Webinar, Building Diversity in the Workforce, November 14, 2018

This event will look at bias awareness and the difficulties of appropriately valuing diversity in a work environment. What are the implications for the library in terms of data collection, recruitment practices, and mentoring? How might library leadership encourage applicants from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds while avoiding any appearance of double standards? How might technology jobs in the library be made more appealing to a greater range of applicants?
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NISO Webinar

Helping people gain a greater understanding of the information community — our issues and concerns, challenges and opportunities — is core to NISO's mission. Our events are a key element of this, with our popular webinar program at their heart. And, following the NISO/NFAIS merger earlier this year, all NISO members can now attend all 14 webinars in 2020 completely free of charge! This includes an unlimited number of places and full access to a recording of each webinar for anyone who is unable to attend the event itself.
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Alexia Hudson-Ward

Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries, Oberlin College

Alexia Hudson-Ward is the Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries for Oberlin College and Conservatory. Prior to assuming this role in July 2016, she was a tenured Associate Librarian at Penn State University Libraries based at the Abington College in Abington, PA. Prior to her transition into academia, she served as a marketing manager within The Coca-Cola Company’s Foodservice Division for several years. She is recipient of several awards and honors including designated as an “Emerging Leader” by the American Library Association in 2007, named one of fifty “Mover and Shakers” by Library Journal in 2008, and awarded the “Outstanding Young Alumni” award by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information in 2013. Alexia is a former member of the Executive Board of the American Library Association (2012-2015) and has served on various non-profit boards of directors over the past two decades. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and African American Studies from Temple University, and is currently a doctoral student in the Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions program at Simmons University.
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Liam Sweeney

Analyst, Libraries and Scholarly Communication, ITHAKA S&R

Liam Sweeney is an analyst with the Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums program at Ithaka S+R. His work focuses on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion among cultural organizations, applying quantitative and qualitative research methods to issues of demographic change, institutional culture, strategic leadership, and organizational structure. He holds a BPhil from the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied English literature and economics. Liam is currently pursuing a master’s of arts in liberal studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.
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Melanie Dolochek

Executive Director, Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)

Melanie Dolechek is Executive Director of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Prior to joining SSP as Executive Director in 2015, she was Marketing Director for Allen Press. At Allen Press, Dolechek’s experience included marketing, communications, strategic planning, financial management, product development, project management and operations management. She holds a Masters degree in Management from Baker University.
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Samantha Bishop Simmons

Undergraduate Learning Specialist, University of Kansas Libraries

Samantha Bishop Simmons is Undergraduate Research Specialist for the University of Kansas Libraries, where she focuses on underrepresented student populations and their particular challenges entering the university system. She has her MA in English from KU and will receive her MLS from Emporia State University in Spring 2019.