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Designing A Metadata Fitness Program

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 11:00 AM EST
In the transformative drive toward open access and, ultimately, open science, stakeholders in the global research ecosystem are generating more data and more metadata than ever before. Yet the same stakeholders are united in their frustrations over the state of data. Clearly, metadata quality, data accuracy, and the ability to link data must all be dramatically improved if we are to meet the challenges ahead.

Research conducted by CCC has identified six exercises to raise essential metadata quality levels. Panelists will share how they overcame specific data challenges for completeness; consistency; accuracy; currency; redundancy; and reliability. Persistent IDs, for example, sharpen the picture when data has become blurry. How often does Author A work with Author B? Which institutions are they affiliated with, and who is funding the research? Answers to such questions enable data-driven decision-making, fulfill compliance mandates, and empower collaboration.