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Collaborating to Implement Seamless Access: What Publishers, Libraries and Service Providers Can Do to Ensure Better End User Access to Scholarly Content

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 7:30 PM EST
In the past two years, more and more publishers have implemented Seamless Access, resulting in better user experience and increased usage. However, to ensure more users benefit from federated authentication and seamless access, more collaborations among publishers, libraries and Seamless Access are needed. This panel will include: 1) an update of Seamless Access roadmap and development; 2) a publisher perspective on comparing publisher implementations of Seamless Access, reasons behind the variations and flavors, the challenges of adding IDPs to platforms, and the need for better library-publisher communication and collaboration; 3) a library perspective on the challenges to implement federated access and benefits for the end-users in their research experience that come with federated access and how SeamlessAccess makes that even better.

Heather Staines from SeamlessAccess
Julie Zhu from IEEE
John Felts from Coastal Carolina