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Steven Hall

Steven Hall

Managing Director, IOP Publishing
Steven Hall is managing director of IOP Publishing, a learned society publisher of journals, books, conference proceedings and science news which employees more than 400 staff. He has worked in academic publishing since 1978, holding senior positions at Chadwyck-Healey, ProQuest, Blackwell and Wiley before joining IOP Publishing in 2010. He is also a non-executive director of Bloomsbury Publishing. He has served on the boards of Crossref and the International Association of STM Publishers, including as chair of the latter, and is now a member of the Academic Publishers Council of the UK Publishers Association. He has been very active in the debate on open access, speaking and writing on the topic and serving as one of three publisher members of the Finch working group in 2011/12 which helped set the UK’s current open access policy. During his tenure at IOP Publishing the company has grown substantially, expanding its output in both subscription and open access articles and launching a born-digital books programme.


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