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Kevin Muha

President, Global Village Publishing, Sage Publications
For twelve years, Kevin Muha was the President, CEO and co-owner of Global Village Publishing, Inc. (GVPi) before being acquired by SAGE Publishing in early 2018. GVPi was a software development firm that focused on delivering high-quality publishing solutions such as eLibrary platforms, eCommerce capabilities, CRM solutions, CMS implementations and phone apps. Kevin led the company through 12 years of consistent growth while delivering quality solutions on-time and within budget. Since the acquisition, Kevin has led development teams that focus on continuing to deliver high-quality, custom solutions by taking advantage of the opportunities of being tightly integrated with SAGE. Prior to joining GVPi, Kevin spent 10 years working on a variety of projects in various industries as a software development consultant. Kevin received his MBA degree from the University of Maryland and his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.


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